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Analzyer Course 6 4 2024

Analzyer Course 6 4 2024
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This is the way of the House of Horrors.

This scene, the culmination of years of attorneys and parties battling one another, is the trial of one case which began as a simple set of facts and through the Litigation Frenzy evolved into a drama of humungous proportions. And this may not be the last courtroom for this case as the parties have the right to appeal the result and move the case into yet another forum, the Court of Appeals, where it begins all over again.


Alternative Dispute Resolution emerged to give disputing parties a new way to resolve their legal disputes.  ADR provided much-needed relief from the outdated court system which had become excessively warlike, unreasonably expensive, unduly drawn out, and with highly unpredictable results.

The Litigation Frenzy of the court system was just the way it was as we let the courts drag us through its ridiculously slow, unbelievably complex maze.  And then offered appeal rights so the saga could continue in yet another courtroom.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Coach.

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JUST ANSWER, ask a legal question, lawyer referral

AI LAW, ask a legal question

LAW DEPOT, legal documents, lawyer referral

MORGAN & MORGAN, lawyer referral


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Lawsuit Analyzer Coach

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Legal Self Help Coach

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Hiring an Attorney Coach

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