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Imagine being able to analyze your own legal case and take it through the legal system on your own – or at least have enough of an understanding of your case to intelligently partner with a lawyer?  That’s what this website is about. It all starts with Lawsuit Analyzer©, a one-of-a-kind legal operating system featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, CBN and recommended by the American Arbitration Association Lawsuit Analyzer© is a powerful interactive program that takes your dispute through the elements of legal liability and assigns points to determine case feasibility. Legal industry observers call it a streamlined course in legal charting, because its explorative queries:  define your case in legal terms identify the legal options available and assess the case’s likelihood of success. Not only does this site and  Lawsuit Analyzer©  address legalities, the following essential elements are analyzed to provide a holistic overview of your dispute:

Lawsuit Analyzer Course

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  • Learn how to use Lawsuit Analyzer
  • Find out how much you will recover
  • Find out if you should go to Small Claims Court
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